Original Carvings and Sculptures
Including PUMPKINS!!!

Welcome to Lundy Cupp's Original Carvings and Sculptures.
I have a brand new book called Realistic Pumpkin Carving.
It’s full of fun and bizarre photos with step-by-step instructions
including info on tools and techniques for carving pumpkins
in a whole new way. I even threw in carved sweet potatoes.
Pick one up for $12.99 and have the coolest pumpkin on the block.

Show my fantastic publisher - Fox Chapel Publishing some love
and order it from them at
Fox Chapel Publishing / Realistic Pumpkin Carving
But if your heart is stuck on Amazon Books, it is available there too at
Amazon Books / Realistic Pumpkin Carving.
Thanks! Now go carve a pumpkin...

Revised_Book_Cover_front copy 2
Revised_book_cover_back copy 2